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  • Egyptomania 47 BC to 2022

    Viking Osiris. Photo: Viking Egyptomania- 47 BC to 2022. Most historians say Egyptomania began when Napoleon visited Egypt in 1798-1801. I disagree. It began when Cleopatra sailed down the Nile with Julius Caesar and every Roman wanted to visit this magical land. In 2022 you can sail down the Nile, tour the temples, including the […]

  • From Ukraine to Notre Dame to Petra: Our Shared Humanity, Our Shared Obligation

    Don’t forget how you felt as you watched Notre Dame burn. Recognize it is something that is happening every day.   Update: July 16, 2022 I wrote the original article below in 2019, but today the race to preserve Ukraine’s cultural heritage has made this discussion urgent again. The Smithsonian and Richard Kurin, the Smithsonian […]

  • Viking TV interviews Jean Newman Glock, Viking’s Ambassador-at-Large

    Onwards! Thank you, Viking TV and Anne Diamond, for a fun interview about travel, past, present, and future. Thanks for watching. Here are the Cliff Notes (does that age me?) 1. Embrace the now. Everyone is asking when travel will return to normal. There never was a normal with travel, and there will not be […]

  • Packing Tips for a 2 week Viking Cruise

    Puppy Panic What do I pack for 2 weeks cruising the Danube with Viking? This is the question I am asked most often so here is a very boring packing post. Warm weather packing is easier than colder but I do just carry on for both. 1. It always starts with a panicked pandemic puppy who […]

  • Dear Tor, A Letter to Tor Hagen, Chairman and CEO Viking Cruises

    Viking Star sailing into Greenwich   Update May 15, 2022: (Spoiler alert).  On May 15, 2022, Viking hired me as their Ambassador-at-Large.  A position that will allow me to sail the world with Viking and share the story of the absolute best ocean and river cruise line in the world. (See Footnotes at end of […]

  • Looking for a Scapegoat?

    Everyone is looking for a scapegoat for the plague we have been enduring. We are tired and weary but blaming one segment of the travel industry, the cruise industry, without looking at the facts does not help us develop policies and procedures needed to move on with our lives. I would argue the opposite. The […]

  • Could Energy Costs Replace COVID as the Biggest Threat to Travel’s Recovery?

    Update: July 16, 2022 I could say I was prescient…..or not. I wrote this article in October 2021, and I did not foresee Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Germany’s withdrawal of support for Nord Stream 2 due to the war. But the basic tenet of Russia ( and OPEC) using gas and now oil supplies […]

  • Asking When Travel Will Return to Normal is the Wrong Question

    When Will Travel Return to Normal? Two excellent travel writers asked this question of their readers this week. The responses were predictable. “There is a new normal.” “Demand is so high we are back to 2019 levels”, “Travel is back and travelers are more interested in sustainable metrics, ecologically, economically, and culturally.” Bravo, so it […]

  • Which Way is the Wind Blowing?

    Note:  Below is an “inside the Beltway” discussion that has been making the rounds in the travel industry and most particularly among travel advisors who are wondering if they should be sharing their own travels or marketing travel to their clients.  What are the risks of doing so… and the rewards? Everyone’s answer will be a […]

  • Gilded Age Travel

      Dining Room at Le Meurice Hotel, Paris Note: The world was on the precipice of unimaginable changes.  And no one saw it coming.  A World War, a pandemic, and a global depression would wipe away all the gilding in short order.  Many of the wealthiest dynasties the world has ever known were wiped out […]